There is also a special diet for infants. The child should be applied to the breast as often as possible, and babies who are breastfed should be given liquid formula, cereals and water as often as possible.

If the vomiting has receded and buy buspirone pills has begun to absorb food normally, then the children's menu can be gradually expanded by adding products containing carbohydrates to it: meatballs or steamed fish; buckwheat; oatmeal; wheat porridge.

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To prevent the occurrence of buspar in the future after their termination, you need to adhere to a certain diet.
Preference should be given to dairy products, cereals, potatoes, fruits, eggs and vegetables.
The main problem in the acetone crisis is dehydration, so treatment should be comprehensive. With mild and moderate acetonemia (1-2 crosses of acetone in urine), oral rehydration (soldering) with the use of additional procedures is quite enough.
First of all, you need to remove excess acetone and other decay products and make a cleansing enema, since soda neutralizes ketone bodies and cleanses the intestines, thereby improving the child's condition.
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As a rule, this procedure is carried out using an alkaline solution. The recipe for its preparation is simple: 1 tsp. soda dissolves in 200 ml of warm water. When such treatment is carried out, the child should be given a drink by introducing liquid at a rate of buspar per 1 kg of body weight. And after each vomiting, he needs to drink up to 150 ml of liquid. In any case, the choice of fluid should be discussed with the doctor. However, if there is no opportunity to consult a doctor, then you need to take the solution yourself. After every 5 minutes, the child needs to drink 5-10 ml of liquid from a spoon.

First of all, the doctor adjusts the children's diet. This aspect is very important, because nutrition should be limited, since in case of overeating and regular consumption of forbidden food, the patient's condition may worsen and vomiting attacks will occur again.

As a drink, warm sweet tea with lemon or honey, soda solution, non-carbonated alkaline mineral water are perfect.

You can also use oral rehydration solutions if you have them in your medicine cabinet. A child who has been diagnosed with an acetone crisis is registered by a pediatrician and regularly monitors his condition. Preventive treatment is also prescribed, even in the absence of seizures.